We know and understand how enlightening our youngest consumers about the nutritional role of milk in a diet is important – the irreplaceable source of the best-assimilated calcium.

Since February 2008, ZUH ROBICO has been producing and distributing fresh milk in a plastic bottle within the frames of the Common Agricultural Policy’s programme “Subsidies for the consumption of milk and dairy products in educational facilities”. Our company has been entered into the list of dairy products suppliers for the purpose of educational facilities under number 5260251345*01111919 and authorized as a supplier within the subsidies’ mechanism. The programme that we carry out is administered by the Agency for Agricultural Market and financed from the European Union’s and National funds.

Children and youth, who regularly frequent educational facilities during the school year i.e. preschools, primary and secondary schools, are the programme’s beneficiaries. They have the opportunity to drink 0,25 L of milk or a milk product free of charge or at a reduced price, on every day of school.

Within the frames of the programme and mechanism, we wish to offer you milk i. This is the same product that has been available since 2004 (glass 1L bottle). COLD MILK is the first milk in Poland produced with the use of unique low-temperature microfiltration and pasteurization technology. Thanks to that 99% of bacteria have been removed without the necessity of adopting high temperatures. COLD MILK retains the properties of “cow milked” milk and is clean enough even for children to be able to drink it without boiling.

We have bet on distribution of fresh milk so that the children who drink COLD MILK grow up to become aware consumers. We hope that thanks to this product even the youngest will appreciate its health-related and taste properties.