It is a milk fermented beverage. The fermentation is carried out with the use of kefir bacteria and yeast. ROBICO KEFIR is unique, as it is manufactured with the adoption of the thermostat method. Thanks to this technique, the process of ripening and fermentation of kefir takes place separately in each closed bottle – unlike with any normal kefir – in the general tank. How can one check that? Just look at the beverage, which before shaking retains its specific texture. We have suspended carbon dioxide in each bottle, which is created in the process of fermentation, thus each bottle of ROBICO KEFIR is a portion of a mildly sparkly tasty and healthy milk beverage.
that is why...


Did you know that...
a human body digests fermented beverages 2-3 times as fast as milk?
How does ROBICO KEFIR achieve its perfect taste and healthy properties? During the ripening period of kefir, partial dissolution of proteins, lactose, fat as well as an increase in the content of vitamins B1 and B6 as well as folic acid take place. The biological properties of milk remain unchanged, and the proteins achieve a higher grade of digestibility and a decreased allergic reaction factor compared to sweet milk.

ROBICO KEFIR affects the regulation of metabolism, improves the protein and calcium assimilation process, lowers arterial pressure and the blood cholesterol levels. It also contributes to the distribution of carcinogenic compounds assimilated by a human body along with food and increases the capability of lactose absorption for those, who show weak assimilation of this type of sugar.

ROBICO KEFIR also contains antibiotic substances, which results in the fact that the development of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract is slower. In addition, kefir provides the organism with vitamins, mainly from group B. It is a scientific fact that kefir is an irreplaceable help in the treatment of the so-called civilization illnesses.
ROBICO KEFIR is available in 1L, 0,4L and 0,25L packages.