Natural buttermilk is the wealth of healthy elements, which include, inter alia, lecithin. It is thanks to lecithin that natural buttermilk shows beneficial dietary and nutritional properties. Among the health-related properties of lecithin, in addition one can list improvement of concentration and memory capabilities, preventing fatigue, neuroses and arteriosclerosis. The content of our buttermilk additionally includes group B vitamins. An interesting fact is that buttermilk is digested 2-3 times as fast as sweet milk. Also the beneficial effect of buttermilk on the secretion of bile and digestive juices within the digestive tract and the peristalsis of bowels have been known for centuries.

How do we manufacture tasty and healthy buttermilk? In order to produce a tasty beverage, we sour milk with the addition of milk fermentation bacteria, which makes buttermilk a tasty, aromatic and incredibly refreshing product, and what is most important – beneficial for the health.